How To Play Egyptian Rat Screw: Rules

The Egyptian Rat Screw is one of the best card games that can be enjoyed by 2 or more players. Here’s we will show you how to play Egyptian Rat Screw with their Rules that you have to follow.

Before you start playing Egyptian Rat Screw, you need 2 or more players, with standard 52 card deck.

What To Deal With Payers: First you have to deal out all the cards.  Now some players may have one more card than others.  Now each player secures their cards without looking at each other.

Goal: The Goal of the game is to be the player to win all the cards.

How to Egyptian Rat Screw Game Play:

First starting playing from left of the dealer.  Now any one player will flip the top card of his/her card stack into the middle.  In case the card is a numbered card (2-10), then play continues to the next player in the same direction.  If any card played keen on the middle is a face card or a world-class, but the next player has to play a face card or an ace as in good health.  Depending on the card engage in recreation the next player gets some odds to perform a face card or an ace.

In the Sequences of the cards are like below

  • Aces – First 4 chances to play a face card or an ace
  • Kings – 3 chances to play a face card or an ace
  • Queens – 2 prospects to play a face card or an ace
  • Jacks – 1 chance to play a face card or an ace

If any one player will face card or ace, the next player has to play a face card or an ace in the selected chances.  Now If you can face card or ace is played, the inside pile is taken by the last contestant to play a face card or an ace.  The cards are added to the bottom of the player’s card mound.

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Slaps: In the gameplay! Following card blend are played into the center the pile can be slapped, and the cards in the center go to the first player to slap them.

  • Doubles: First check matching cards are played back to back
  • Sandwich: If matching cards are played with only one card in between them.  For example, a 4, 8, 4 is played.
  • Top-Bottom: Or if the top card of the middle pile matches the bottom card of the pile.
  • A sequence of 4: If a chain of 4 is played in a row.  For example, a 4, 5, 6, 7 is played, or a 9, 8, 7, 6 is played.
  • Marriage: If a king and queen are played back to back.

In the Game you have to combine other cards to be slapped can be agreed upon.

You must add one or two cards to the bottom of the pile if you slap the pile when it was not slappable.

Game Rules:

  • If your card is played on top of a grouping that could have been slap the possibility to slap the pile is missed and play continues.
  • Another Player will be mistaken slaps the pile and at that moment player must put 2 cards on the bottom of the middle pile as a fine.
  • While a player is out of cards he/she is not in of the game.  And the player is still able to slap the pile to win cards.
  • If a player imperfectly slaps the pile with no cards, he/she is out of the game.

That’s it.