If you are looking for how to play go fish then here’s the best place to find. the go fish is a great game to play with 2 players. So if you are adult want to enjoy with your children then it’s a perfect game for you. All parents love to play GO FISH.

The Go Fish is one of the best card games that usually required a normal 52-card deck.

Here’s How to play GO FISH

  • First of all shuffles the cards and deals five cards to each game player.
  • Now Player will pick up and view their own cards.
  • Next to set up your cards into a pair of the same cards, just put into a pile of pairs.
  • Just Hold your cards like a fan. They should face so that you can make out each of your cards, but no one else can. You can also hold all your cards in a pile to cut the risk of one more player seeing your hand.
  • And then Fish for cards. Normally, the new younger player will play first, and the game rotates clockwise from there.

If the player will hold up his cards and speak “Do you have a __?” Request for a card that will compete for a single card has your own. In case another player has the number or letter on one of his cards, Now it’s time so he will give the being that asked for that card and you have to just put it in his pile of matches of cards. If no one has the called card, they will say “Go fish”, and the artist must take a card from the pile in pack in between them. In the last of the game, the player will ask the same question apart from they will say a number or letter from their hand of cards.

Once any one player will collect four cards of the same rank and he or she prove the cards and places them on the table.

Now The game resumes until one player has no cards left over.  And players have completed the most sets wins the game.