Are you looking for a way to play PlayStation 1 games on your android device then here’s a right place to find. So let’s show you how to play?

PlayStation 1 emulation on Android                              

There are many gamers don’t want to spend $100 dollars on the PS mini but still want to enjoy the games so in this situation we will show you the best trick to play PlayStation 1 Games on your Android phone. Also, you can Play a PS3 game on PC

How To Play PS1 Games on Any Android Phone

First of all, you need to download PlayStation 1 emulator on your smartphone. There will quite a few options on the Playstore, but the best one is the ePSXe emulator. The app is not free, but the money you pay out on it will be worth it.

If you are looking for a download PS1 emulator then just click here.

Now you need to download PlayStation 1 bios for the emulator. It is essential for the games to run onto your phone. It is quite easy to download and configure. You can get it from here.

Next to download PS1 on your phone. By the way, you can find them from Emuparadise. Another great site to get the ROMs is Coolrom.

That’s it now you can start to configure all settings and installation process to play games.

First Open the PS 1 emulator and select the “Run bios”. It will locate the extracted bios on your phone. Once it finishes, select “Run Game” and choose the “.bin” file of the game you want to play.

Now all done, you can play PS1 on your Android phone.