There are many ps3 gamers are looking for download ps3 games on their pc and want to play ps3 games on windows pc. So when I searched about on the internet and finally I got the solution that’s why here we have mentioned this article about How to play ps3 games on pc.

Here’s you can find the how to play ps3 games on pc. People are loves playing games on their pc. And many gamers are looking forward to playing specific gaming console like PS3, PS2, Xbox. These gaming consoles are very costly, but it’s still trendy in the market. If you don’t buy the ps3 console then here’s the way to play ps3 games on pc and laptop.


It’s simple to play Ps3 games on your pc just you need to install ps3 app or ps3 emulator which will easy to simulate the PS3 environment on your pc and help your computer to run ps3 games on pc. To play any games on pc through we necessary have RAR copy of play & extract it.

Hardware configuration challenges

  • When it comes up to to hardware configuration all ps3 devices or gaming console are build with latest CPU and GPU which run every game to copy similar experience on your pc or laptop your pc or laptop must have highest hardware design which takes in fastest CPU & 4GB minimum RAM and excellent storage capacity.
  • Also, one more thing is that simulations which available online do not work perfect so do read their review by going for their subscription.
  • There are some best emulators available for ps2 roms model, But very few are available for choose wisely otherwise you end up losing money.
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Note: If you own a PS3 or PS4 then you probably have a PSN account already. If not, you’ll need to sign up for one on Sony’s official PSN website.

How to play:

  • To play PlayStation games via PS Now on your PC, you’ll need to download the PS Now app.
  • Once downloaded, open up the app, log in to your PSN account
  • And choose a subscription if you haven’t already.
  • Next, plug you’re DualShock 4, or the wireless adaptor, into your PC
  • And choose which games you want to stream.

That’s it,

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