There is a quick way to play ps4 games on your android device. If you are loved to play online games like ps4, Xbox one and many others but you don’t have enough money to purchase it. So do not worry because here‘s the cool solution for you to Play PS4 Games on Android Using Remote Play PS4 Android.

Here’s you can find the great thing is you can play PS4 games on Android without an emulator, yes it’s too fresh and easy process for you if you go through this guide. There is a Stream Link Beta app from Valve available; you can enjoy all PS4 titles on Android with ease. Using this Stream Link’s screen mirroring power we had gone quickly to cast PS4 games from your PC to Android.  So let’s show you’re how to play.

Before you can start you just need to pair a Bluetooth controller or Also too need Steam Controller to your device, connect to a computer running Steam on the same local network, and start playing your existing Steam (PS4) games on Android.

How to Set up:

Note: Make sure that your Android device is running Android Lollipop or later version. Make sure your Bluetooth controller is compatible with your Android device.

If you have an already set up Stream Link Beta app on your Android device then just the below steps:

Step #1: First of all, Download and install Stream Link Beta app from the Google Play Store.

Step #2: Now just open the Steam Link beta on your device.

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Step #3: Next to pair and connect the Bluetooth controller to your device.

Step #4: Just Choose the computer you wish to stream to and tap the Start Playing button.

After Stream Link Beta app has been set up, follow the below steps to start playing PlayStation 4 games on Android.

How to PS4 Games on Android Devices

How to Play PS4 Games on Android Using Remote Play PS4 Android

Step #1: First of all You should set up Remote Play PS4 Android.

Step #2: Now open the Remote Play app; you will see your PS4 screen on your computer.

Step #3: Next to, start the Stream Link app.

Step #8: After that Tap Start Playing. The computer screen will load into Steam’s Big Picture mode.

Step #9: And Use Alt-Tab to select your Remote Play screen.

Step #10: That’s it, Now you can enjoy PS4 on your mobile device!

Your choice may be limited because the Remote Play app needs you to connect your PS4 Sixaxis directly into your PC. And the guide was the straightforward way to play PS4 on the mobile phone. You can also find the PS4 emulators for Android. But for sure you won’t get the real emulator to play PS4 games on the smartphone. Most of the emulators are deal with unwanted games not like PS4.

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