Xbox one is one of the best gaming consoles in the worldwide if you are a gamer and want to play Xbox one games on your pc then its right place. Also, the Xbox one’s has too many games to launched every year that all game lovers like to play.

Here’s you can get Xbox PC emulators to Play Xbox 360 games on PC. Xbox One and Xbox 360 is the best gaming console from the Microsoft. Xbox 360 is recently coming to the second console in the Xbox series. With this Xbox Emulators, we can play any Xbox game on pc that is compatible with Xbox 360.

How to Play Xbox One Games on PC

If you are looking for How to Play Xbox One Games on PC, then it’s a simple guide that you should get the same experience of Xbox on a PC, with the use an emulator that will let you load Xbox 360 games on your computer. Do not worry about the emulator; it’s too easy to get from below steps. It is just necessary software that allows you to run the operating system of another device on your system. Once you can download and install, so you should easy to playing the games compatible with Xbox 360 on PC.

Here’s is the best method to play your best Xbox one Games on PC

Using Xenia Emulator

Xenia is a one of the best Xbox one emulator to play Xbox one Games on PC. So if you are looking for these then Follow the steps below.

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Xenia is easy to play and emulate Xbox 360. Also, it’s free of cost to download and install on your device. So let’s try out on windows pc. Follow the below-given steps.

Step 1: Download the Xenia Xbox emulator on your PC & laptop.

Step 2: Once it’s download Xenia emulator. Unzip the file and Extract it to a folder.

Step 3: After that Run the Emulator on your pc, By Open that folder and run the Xenia.exe file. It will open the Emulator window.

How to Play Xbox one Games on PC

Step 4: Now you should run the Xbox 360 emulator, it is the time to load a game to play. You can download the games from the webs.

Play Xbox one Games on PC

Step 5: Now open the games on emulator go to file > open. And the browse and select the game file that you want to load. And it’s done. Now you should ready to play the game quickly.

How to Play Xbox one Games on PC

That’s it now you can play Xbox 360 games on your PC and want to play any other game then go here’s to play ps3 games on pc.