Phase 10 Rules: How to Play

Are you looking for how to play Phase 10 with your friends? Then here’s a simple guide for you. Phase 10 is a very enjoyable card game which you can play with 6 friends.  All players compete to complete 10 sequential phases in the game, and after the first player finishing “Phase 10” being the winner. This card game was also modified into a bonus game. Let’s show you how to plays.

Things Needed

24 x Red Cards (two of each 1 to 12)
24 x Blue Cards (two of each 1 to 12)
24 x Yellow Cards (two of each 1 to 12)
24 x Green Cards (two of each 1 to 12)
4 x Blue “Skip” cards
8 x “Wild” cards (two of each color)
108 cards total

Shuffle and deal a deck:

Now one player has shuffle all the cards and Deal 10 cards to every player. Now, all remaining cards to place the center of the table!

Next point to Turn the top card of the deck over, and put it beside the draw pile to form the discard pile.

Now start Playing from the left of the dealer. Throughout the first round, each player is trying to complete phase 1 (see above) so they can go out and end the round.

Before a start the game you need to recognize the 10 phases of the game. There are at least 10 rounds in Phase 10 and, as a result, 10 phases of play. The phases are listed below.

  • Phase 1 is 2 sets of 3
  • Phase 2 is 1 set of 3 and 1 run of 4
  • Phase 3 is 1 set of 4 and 1 run of 4
  • Phase 4 is 1 run of 7
  • Phase 5 is 1 run of 8
  • Phase 6 is 1 run of 9
  • Phase 7 is 2 sets of 4
  • Phase 8 is 7 cards of the same color
  • Phase 9 is 1 set of 5 and 1 set of 2
  • Phase 10 is 1 set of 5 and 1 set of 3
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Phase 10 Rules: How to Play

Step 1: For Phase 10! You have to combine two or more groups of Phase 10 into one game by using a process of help and demotion.

Step 2: Next step to select a similar number of participants to play in each group.

Step 3: After that promote the winners of the first and following hands along with those scoring the lowest of all players.

Step 4: Now you have to add spice to the game by giving point penalties for behaviors you delineate ahead of the pastime.

That’s it.

Now complete tutorial about How to Play Phase 10 game and Hope you like these post and very helpful for you playing so, please do not forget to share….

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