Bunco is a dice game that brings people together for laughter, friendly competition, and a whole lot of dice rolling. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essentials of how to play bunco, from setting up the game to winning those coveted rounds. Bunco is more than just a game; it’s a social event that builds camaraderie and gives players a chance to unwind.

With a few dice, pencils, and scorecards, you’ll learn bunco in no time. We’ll cover bunco gameplay basics like rolling the dice, tallying points, and determining winners of each fun-filled round. Whether you’re a new bunco player or experienced hand, this guide will teach you the dice game’s rules and tips so your next bunco night is a guaranteed good time. Let’s get started with bunco!

I. Getting Started: Equipment and Teams

  1. Equipment Checklist
  1. 12 dice (3 per table)
  2. 12 score cards
  3. 12 pencils
  4. Optional: bell for the head table, plush dice as a “Traveler”
  1. Forming Teams
  1. Divide players into groups of four.
  2. Create two teams at each table.
  3. Teammates should sit across from each other.

II. Gameplay: Rolling the Dice

  1. Initiating the Round
  1. Head table rings the bell.
  2. Scorekeeper rolls three dice separately.
  1. Point System
  1. Round 1: Each 1 rolled is worth 1 point.
  2. Round 2: Each 2 rolled is worth 1 point.
  3. Round 3: Each 3 rolled is worth 1 point.
  4. Round 4: Each 4 rolled is worth 1 point.
  5. Round 5: Each 5 rolled is worth 1 point.
  6. Round 6: Each 6 rolled is worth 1 point.

III. Scoring and Winning

  1. Scoring Process
  1. Count Wins (“W”) and Losses (“L”) on the score sheet.
  2. Write totals in the Wins and Losses lines.
  1. Determining the Winner
  1. The player with the most rounds won is the ultimate winner.
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IV. Tips and Tricks for Beginners

  1. Having the Right Equipment
  1. Ensure you have all the necessary items.
  2. Consider optional components for added fun.
  1. What’s the Gameplay
  1. Bunco is luck-based, perfect for beginners.
  2. Know the basics of forming teams and scoring points.
  1. Following Proper Etiquette
  1. Be a gracious winner and a good sport.
  2. Respect fellow players for a great game night.
  1. Adding Some Fun
  1. Incorporate cash prizes for excitement.
  2. Make the game more competitive for players.
  1. Staying Organized
  1. Use a Bunco box for easy organization.
  2. Keep supplies together for smooth hosting.

V. Rules and Regulations

  1. Game Setup
  1. Players grouped into fours with two teams per table.
  2. Each player equipped with dice, pencil, and scoresheet.
  1. Gameplay Mechanics
  1. Rounds begin with the head table.
  2. Points scored based on dice matching the target number.
  1. Scoring System
  1. Different points for various dice combinations.
  2. Special “Bunco” score for rolling a specific set.
  1. Winning Strategies
  1. Marking “W” or “L” for round outcomes.
  2. Creative variations to enhance the fun.
  1. Group Variations
  1. Different groups may have unique rules.
  2. Check with your group for specific guidelines.


Playing Bunco is not just a game; it’s an experience that combines luck, laughter, and camaraderie. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, these tips and rules will ensure your Bunco game nights are filled with fun and excitement.