Are you a fan of fantasy sports and enjoy the thrill of competing for big cash prizes on DraftKings? Well, if you’re reading this blog post, chances are that you’re facing the frustrating reality of living in a restricted state.

But fear not! We’ve got some valuable tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you navigate through the murky waters and still play DraftKings like a pro. So, whether your passion lies in football, basketball, or baseball – get ready to discover how to play DraftKings even when your state says otherwise. Let’s dive right into it!

How DraftKings Works?

To play on DraftKings, you first need to create an account. Once you have created your account, you can enter contests and make lineup decisions. You can also track your performance and find new contests to enter.

To participate in a contest, you will need to purchase tickets. Tickets are priced in tiers, and each tier has a different number of tickets available. The higher the tier, the more tickets you will receive. To buy tickets, click on the “Tickets” button on the main menu and select the “Buy Tickets” option.

Once you have purchased your tickets, click on the “Contests” button and select the contest you would like to participate in. You will then be taken to the contest page where you will fill out your player information and make your lineup decisions.

You can also track your performance in a contest by clicking on the “Performance” tab at the top of any contest page and selecting from among several options including points scored, FanDuel points earned, money won or lost (in cash or prizes), yards gained or lost (in rushing or receiving), passing touchdowns (and interceptions thrown), field goals made, Kicker Points Allowed (KPAs) and so on.

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How to play in a restricted state?

If you live in a state where DraftKings is not yet available, you can still play the daily fantasy contests on FanDuel. Both sites offer contests that are restricted to residents of specific states.

The states that are currently restricted are Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida*, Georgia*, Idaho*, Illinois*, Indiana*, Iowa*, Kansas*, Kentucky*, Louisiana*, Maine* Maryland*, Massachusetts* Michigan*, Minnesota* Mississippi* Missouri* Montana* Nebraska* Nevada* New Hampshire* New Jersey* New Mexico* New York** North Carolina*** Ohio**** Oklahoma***** Oregon***** Pennsylvania**** Rhode Island*** South Carolina**** Tennessee***** Texas***** Utah***** Vermont** Virginia** Washington*** West Virginia**** Wisconsin*****

Tips for beginners

  1. If you reside in a state where DraftKings is not yet available, you can still play the site by signing up for a VIP account on the DraftKings website. This will give you access to all of the contests and daily bonus opportunities.
  2. To help you make the most of your time playing DraftKings, be sure to familiarize yourself with the site’s layout and rules before entering any contests. Not only will this help improve your odds of winning, but it can also save you time during your contest entry process.
  3. When selecting players to include in your lineup, always take into consideration their recent performance as well as their projected stats for the current game. By doing so, you’ll increase your chances of achieving successful results on DraftKings.


If you live in a restricted state, there are still ways to play DraftKings. One option is to use a VPN to change your IP address. Another option is to sign up for a proxy service. If you can’t access DraftKings due to your location, be sure to check out our list of the best daily fantasy sports sites that work in restricted states.