Unturned is a popular survival sandbox game where players scavenge, craft items, build shelters, and work together to survive in a post-apocalyptic open world. The game can be played solo, but teaming up with friends is much more fun (and safer!). Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to play Unturned with friends.

How to Create and Join Servers

You and your friends need to join the same server to play together. There are a couple of ways to do this:

Create a Local Server

You can host a server on your computer that others can join.

  1. Launch Unturned.
  2. Click “Play” and select “Host.”
  3. Choose a map and adjust any server settings.
  4. Click “Host” to launch the server.

Once it’s running, your friends can join by selecting “Connect” on the main menu and entering your IP address.

Join a LAN Server

If a friend has already created a local server, you can join it through LAN (local area network).

  1. Have your friend launch their hosted Unturned server.
  2. In your copy of Unturned, click “Play” then “Connect.”
  3. Type “localhost” as the IP address to connect through LAN.

Use Steam Server Browser

You can browse and join public Unturned servers through Steam.

  1. Open the Steam overlay while in-game.
  2. Go to “View” and select “Servers” to open the server browser.
  3. Filter and sort by game, map, players, etc.
  4. Select a server and click “Connect.”

You’ll automatically play together when you and your friends join the same public server.

How to Play Unturned with Friends

How to Find Each Other In-Game

Once connected to the same server, you’ll need to meet before working together.

Use Steam Overlay

If you linked to a server through Steam:

  1. Press Shift+Tab to open the Steam overlay.
  2. Right-click a friend and select “View Player” to see their location.
  3. Travel to their location in-game.

Communicate Through Chat

Most servers have proximity voice chat and global text chat.

  1. Press Y to open chat and set your channel to “Global.”
  2. Describe your location and surroundings to find each other.

Set a Meeting Spot

Pick a landmark on the map to meet up at, like a city or point of interest. Communicate through chat to find each other there.

How to Set Up a Private Dedicated Server

You can run your dedicated Unturned server for the most control and easiest way to play together.

Port Forwarding

You’ll need to port forward on your router so others can connect:

  1. Log in to your router’s configuration page.
  2. Find the port forwarding or virtual servers section.
  3. Create a new rule forwarding port 27015 to your PC.

Run the Server

  1. Right-click Unturned in your Steam library and select “Create Dedicated Server.”
  2. Choose a server name, password, map, etc.
  3. Share your public IP address with friends so they can connect.
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Connecting to the Server

Your friends must open Unturned, click “Play”, then “Connect”, and enter your public IP address to join your dedicated server.

Cooperative Gameplay

Once you’ve joined the same server and grouped up, here are some tips for working together:


Constant communication is vital! Use in-game voice chat or Discord to coordinate.

Assign Roles

Divide up responsibilities like gathering supplies, building, crafting and defending.

Manage Inventory

Use storage chests to share resources. Drop items on the ground or trade directly with each other.

Build a Base

Work together to build a fortified base with beds, storage, farms and defences.

Defend as a Team

Fend off zombies and enemy players by combining your firepower and tactics. Watch each other’s backs!

Explore Together

Journey to monuments and points of interest to better protect each other.

Use Vehicles

Drive together in cars, helicopters and boats you find or construct.

Server Settings for Cooperative Play

If hosting your server, you can adjust settings to facilitate teamwork:


Set the difficulty higher so you have to work together to survive.

Inventory Size

Increase inventory size so you can gather more resources to share.

Crafting Speed

Speed up crafting time so you can quickly make items to distribute.

Zombie Amount

Increase zombies so you can fight together and watch each other’s backs.

PvE or PvE Mode

Enable PvE so you only have to fight zombies, not other players.


Install cooperative-focused mods like improved chat and item sharing.

How to Find Friends to Play With

If none of your current friends play Unturned, you can find new ones in the community:

  • Check Unturned forums and subreddits for people looking for groups.
  • Join Unturned Discord servers to find people to play with.
  • Make friends on public servers whom you regularly play with.
  • Join an Unturned gaming community or clan.

Playing Unturned with friends takes things to the next level. Grouping up makes survival easier, exploration more exciting and base building more impressive. Use these tips to team up with friends in Unturned and have an incredible cooperative experience!


Unturned is best experienced with friends by your side. Whether hosting your server or joining public ones, grouping up allows for better exploration, base building and defence. Effective communication and assigned roles are essential for smooth teamwork. With some preparation, you can have a fantastic time surviving together in Unturned’s post-apocalyptic world.