Madden 24 has introduced an exciting new way to play with friends online – 2v2 co-op seasons! Team up with a friend against another online duo and battle it in intense 2v2 matches. Follow this guide to learn everything you need to know about playing 2v2 co-op in Madden 24.


The 2v2 co-op mode allows you and a friend to team up online and take on other pairs in a competitive head-to-head matchup. This opens up many strategic possibilities that aren’t available in traditional 1v1 play.

With two human players per team, you must work together and plan coordinated plays to outwit your opponents. Communication and teamwork are key – when both players are in sync, you’ll pull off incredible spaces that leave your opponents stunned!

Playing 2v2 co-op is also just incredibly fun with a friend. There’s lots of laughs and excitement when you’re working together towards victory.

Let’s get into the details on how to get set up for 2v2 play!

How to Set Up a 2v2 Match

  1. Gather Your Teammate – First, you’ll need to recruit a teammate! This can be anyone on your friend’s list who owns Madden 24. Party up together just like you would for any online match.
  2. Select Online Co-op – Go to the ‘Play’ tab from the main menu. Select ‘Online’ and then choose the ‘Co-op’ option. This is where you’ll find 2v2 seasons.
  3. Pick Teams – You and your teammate must choose a team. You can be on the same team or face off against each other! Make your selections on the co-op team select screen.
  4. Select 2v2 Seasons – With your teams set, select the ‘Seasons’ option to jump into a 2v2 co-op season. This will match you up against other online duos.
  5. Check Settings – Confirm the gameplay settings on the season’s setup screen. Ensure you’re both ok with the difficulty, quarter length, rules, etc.

Once you’re all set, it’s time to get matched up with an opposing duo!

What are The Gameplay Strategies for 2v2

Playing co-op requires some different strategies compared to standard head-to-head. Here are some tips to excel at 2v2 play:

  • Communication is crucial. Constantly talk with your teammates about play calls, adjustments, audibles, etc. Make sure you’re both on the same page.
  • Stick to roles – Decide beforehand which person will focus on offense and who will take defense. This prevents confusion.
  • Mix-up plays – If you keep calling the same plays, your opponents will catch on. Work together to mix things up and catch them off guard.
  • Double team – On defense, coordinate to double-team the opponent’s best receiver or rusher. Shutting them down can win games.
  • Go for 2 – When scoring touchdowns, strongly consider going for 2-point conversions. This adds up in 2v2 matches.
  • Run clock – With a lead late in the game, call run plays and drain that clock. Keep the ball out of your opponent’s hands.

Perfecting the 2v2 strategy and chemistry with your teammate will take some practice. But you’ll be extremely hard to beat once you’re in a groove together!

Player Roles and Progression

An interesting new dynamic in Madden 24’s 2v2 co-op mode is that each player takes on a specific role and progresses to their players.

When starting a 2v2 season, one player will be designated the offensive coordinator while the other is the defensive coordinator. You’ll only control players on your side of the ball.

Based on the coordinator’s performance during games, the players they control will earn experience and progress. This allows you to shape your team’s offense and defense differently based on each person’s style of play.

If your teammate prefers a solid passing offense, your team’s QB, WRs, and TEs will advance quickly. If you dominate on defense, your LBs and secondary will improve rapidly.

This brings excellent replay value as you build up each coordinator’s squad and gain new abilities and ratings boosts to fit your strategies. You can even use this mode to take a single position like QB or MLB and fully master it.

How to Play 2v2 Online Madden 24 with Friends

How to Find Opponents

There are a few different ways to find opponents for 2v2 co-op seasons:

  • Matchmaking – Madden will automatically match you with another online duo looking to play when you start a new season. This is the quickest way to get a game going.
  • Friends – If you have two other friends online, you can directly invite them to a 2v2 match against you and your teammate. Coordinate in a party first.
  • Madden Community – You can join many large Madden communities to find other duos. Set up matches on forums, Discord servers, Reddit, etc.
  • Scheduled Games – Schedule weekly or monthly games with rival teams for a more organized approach. This works excellently for organized leagues and tournaments.
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Finding quality 2v2 opponents might take effort, but playing consistently with the same teams is ideal. You’ll develop rivalries, learn their tendencies, and have closer games as you improve together.

What are The Winning 2v2 Strategies?

Here are some essential tips to dominate your 2v2 matches:

  • Pick a robust scheme – Build your team around a cheese play or money scheme that’s difficult to stop. This gives you an edge in each game.
  • Learn adjustments – Mastering shifts, audibles, hot routes, etc., on both sides of the ball, makes you much harder to beat.
  • Disguise plays – Use motion and formations to disguise your plays. Make it challenging for opponents to guess your calls.
  • Take risks – Have the confidence to take risks, like going for 4th downs or fake punts. This unpredictability will net you more wins.
  • Exploit matchups – When you identify a defensive weakness, keep attacking it relentlessly. The same goes for picking on their user on defense.
  • Play the clock – If you have a lead late in the game, milk the clock with run plays and keep the ball. Make them burn timeouts.

Winning consistently in 2v2 requires next-level skills like reading defenses presnap, baiting users, and forcing rage quit against lesser teams. But the rewards of playing so in sync with a teammate make the effort extremely worthwhile.

How to Customize Your 2v2 Team

A remarkable feature of Madden 24 is the ability to customize and craft your 2v2 team coordinates completely; you can hand-pick players that fit your system and style. Want to air it out? Get an elite QB and receivers. Do you prefer strong defense? Stack up on lockdown corners and tackling machines.

Here are some ways to build your ideal squad:

  • Trade players – Use trade finder to swap players from your roster for pieces that better fit your strategy—target aging stars on other teams.
  • Sign free agents – Spend your cap cash signing the best FAs to address your needs. Look for cheap young players with upside.
  • Upgrade positions – Use your XP and coordinator goals to purchase development upgrades for your essential parts. A 99 OVR QB can be unstoppable.
  • Master abilities – Equip your star players with X-Factors and critical skills that amplify their most vital attributes. These unique traits change games when mastered.
  • Boost depth – Don’t neglect your backups and role players. Their ratings still impact your team, so upgrade them, too.

You can tailor players for your scheme with complete control over your personnel. The difference between a 70 OVR roster and a 92 OVR juggernaut is massive. So, put in the time to craft an elite squad.

Achieving High Ranks

Each 2v2 co-op season lasts 16 games. Your goal is to reach the playoffs and win the Super Bowl! Here are some tips for achieving high ranks:

  • Start strong – Win your first few placement games to get ranked higher right out of the gates. Come out blazing.
  • Play often – Try to fit in multiple season games per day. More volume means faster progression up the tiers.
  • Avoid disconnects – Don’t quit games early or leave your teammate hanging. Taking losses hurts your rank badly.
  • Beat the best – If you can upset opponents with better records, you’ll leapfrog the leaderboards.
  • Stay consistent – One lousy losing streak can tank your ranking. Maintain steady results each session.

Reaching the top tier requires commitment, skill, and a great teammate. But hitting Legend status or standings leaderboards gives you serious bragging rights!

Keep focusing on improvement, stick to the fundamentals, and play often with