How to Play Really Loud Librarians


Loud Librarians is a raucous and rowdy party game that will have you and your friends shouting like really loud librarians! This is it if you’re looking for a game that combines creativity, quick thinking, teamwork, and good-natured chaos.

Teams compete to move a librarian game piece along a track in this game by shouting words from different categories. The key is that the terms start with specific letters shown on the way. So get ready to put your vocal cords to the test in this boisterous battle of bibliophiles!

What You’ll Need

Before you start your stew, make sure you have the following game components:

  • Game board and track: This shows the librarian’s path and spots for letter tiles and scoring.
  • Librarian mover piece: This little librarian figurine gets pushed along the way with each word shouted.
  • Letter tiles: These tiles have letters placed on the way each round.
  • Category cards: These show different categories of words that must fit each game.
  • Sand timer: This 60-second timer adds urgency to develop terms fast.
  • Pens and scorepad: For keeping track of points.
  • 3-8 players: More is merrier! Split into teams of at least two players each.

Setting Up the Game

To set up Loud Librarians:

  1. Unfold the game board and lay it flat on a table. Assemble the plastic librarian so she can move across the track.
  2. Separate the letter tiles into a drawstring bag or facedown pile. Do the same with the category cards.
  3. Each team selects a librarian mover piece and places it at the start of the track. Choose team names!
  4. Assign one person the job of scorekeeper and timekeeper. They’ll run the sand timer, track points, and referee disputes.
  5. Agree on whether you’ll play to a set point total or for a time limit, like 30 minutes. Twelve points is a good goal.

How to Play Really Loud Librarians

How to Play

Now that you’re all set up, here is the gameplay in a nutshell:

  1. Flip over category cards and letter tiles to determine the round’s options.
  2. Teams brainstorm words that start with those letters and fit the category.
  3. Earn moves along the track by shouting correct words before time runs out.
  4. Score points by landing on certain spaces. First to 12 points wins!

Ready to raise a ruckus? Here is how a typical round works:

1. Round Setup

First, flip over three ring pieces on the track board to set up each round to reveal letters for the game.

Next, draw a category card and read it out loud so everyone knows the category for this round. Types include things like “Fruits”, “Animals”, “Colors”, “Girls Names”, and “Pizza Toppings” – you get the picture.

Finally, draw a letter tile randomly and place it on the matching starting letter on the track. This spot will be important!

2. Team Brainstorming

This is where the shouting starts! Give both teams a minute to strategize and appoint one person as their “Speaker” for the round.

When ready, start the 60-second sand timer and let the vocal chaos commence!

The goal is for the Speaker to rapidly shout words that begin with the selected letters AND fit the round’s category before time runs out.

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Teams can shout out suggestions, but only the Speaker’s words count. No proper nouns or made-up words are allowed!

3. Move the Librarian

This is the fun part. Every correct word the Speaker shouts allows the team to move their librarian piece one space forward along the track.

The team earns one bonus move if the librarian lands on the letter tile space!

So, words that start with letters further along the track are more valuable. But you must weigh that against getting easier words out fast for points.

Play continues back and forth between the two teams until the round-timer runs out.

4. Round Scoring

After each round, the scorekeeper awards points as follows:

  • 1 point for passing the first bookcase ring
  • 2 points for reaching the second bookcase
  • Three points for getting the third, and so on.

Landing on the letter tile wins one bonus point!

The first team to reach 12 total points wins the game!

Game Variations

Beyond the classic mode, there are some fun ways to change up the Loud Librarians gameplay:

  • Action Cards: Shuffle these cards into the draw pile to add special challenges and advantages!
  • 2-Letter Advantage: Landing on two matching letters means double moves for words starting with that letter.
  • Speed Round: Shorten the timer to intensify the pace!
  • Team Elimination: The losing team each round sits out until the finals.
  • Spelling Bee: Players have to spell each word after shouting it out.

Tips and Strategies

To master Really Loud Librarians, keep these tips in mind:

  • Listen closely so you don’t duplicate words. Variety is key!
  • Go for longer terms to maximize moves. “Strawberry” beats out “pie”.
  • Weigh letter distance vs ease of terms. Farther letters earn more points.
  • Don’t panic! Take a breath if you get flustered so you can refocus.
  • Think outside the box for creative words. Obscure ones can pay off.
  • Enunciate clearly so the scorekeeper understands every word.
  • Use hand signals and eye contact to coordinate with your teammate.
  • Laugh off mistakes and keep the mood light. It’s all in good fun!

Similar Games

If you enjoy the raucous wordplay in Really Loud Librarians, check out these other party hits:

  • Scattergories: List words in specific categories starting with a drawn letter.
  • Bananagrams: Fast-paced word race using letter tiles.
  • Upwords: Build crossword-style comments on stacked letter tiles.
  • Taboo: Describe words without saying the forbidden taboo words.
  • Password: Give one-word clues to get teammates to guess the secret word.

Now that you’re an expert on how to play, it’s time to gather your library-loving friends for a round of Really Loud Librarians! Just be prepared for some hoarse throats and hilarious memories. Let the literary ruckus begin!


Loud Librarians is an uproarious party game, taking wordplay and friendly competition to a new vocal level. With its simple rules but high-energy gameplay of shouting bizarre words against the clock, you’re guaranteed nonstop laughter and fun. Just be ready to put lung power to the test! Grab some book-loving friends and make some noise with this one-of-a-kind word game. Shhhhh!