With the exciting launch of Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), many players are eager to dive into the vibrant world of custom maps and user-generated content. However, CS2 at least initially lacks the robust Steam Workshop integration that its predecessor CS: GO enjoyed. This means players must manually download and install custom maps to access the countless creativity of the CS community.

In this guide, we’ll walk through the key steps to locate, download, and load workshop maps in CS2. With a bit of effort, you can unlock a whole new dimension of gameplay on classic remakes, training scenarios, and more. While the process requires slightly more legwork than the seamless CS: GO workshop, the payoff is well worth it. Read on to learn how you can enjoy workshop maps in CS2 and breathe fresh life into your game nights.

The Challenge of Playing Workshop Maps in CS2

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to understand that CS2 doesn’t support workshop maps like CS: GO. This means that you can’t directly subscribe to or download custom maps from the in-game workshop. Instead, you’ll have to obtain the map files from other sources, such as Twitter, Reddit, or gaming forums.

Download the Custom Map

  1. Close CS2: Before you can start, make sure CS2 is closed to avoid any conflicts.
  2. Find the Map: Head to the workshop or the source where you found the custom map you want to play. Keep in mind that the maps available in the workshop are not compatible with CS2, so manual downloading is essential.

Install the Custom Map

  1. Locate CS2 Maps Directory: Open your File Explorer and navigate to the CS2 maps directory. Typically, you can find it at Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike 2\game\cs2\maps.
  2. Paste the Downloaded Map File: Once you’ve located the directory, paste the downloaded map file into this location. This step ensures that the custom map is in the right place for CS2 to access.

Load and Play the Custom Map

  1. Launch CS2: Open CS2, and you’re ready to get started.
  2. Access the In-Game Console: To open the in-game console, press the tilde key (~). This is where you’ll enter the command to load your custom map.
  3. Enter the Command: In the console, type the following command, replacing %map_name% with the actual name of the custom map you want to play: map %map_name%.
  4. Press Enter: After entering the command, hit Enter. The game will start loading the custom map.
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Popular Custom Maps for CS2

While you can’t access workshop maps in CS2, there are several popular custom maps that you can manually download and enjoy. Here are some fan-favorite custom maps:

  1. Aim Botz: Designed to help players improve their aim and reaction time through various training scenarios.
  2. Dust 2 Remake: A revamped version of the classic Dust 2 map with updated graphics and gameplay mechanics.
  3. Mirage Remake: An updated version of the Mirage map with improved graphics and gameplay elements.
  4. Inferno Remake: A remake of the Inferno map, offering updated visuals and gameplay changes.
  5. Cache Remake: A revamped Cache map with updated graphics and gameplay improvements.
  6. Nuke Remake: An updated Nuke map with improved graphics and gameplay elements.
  7. Overpass Remake: A remake of the Overpass map with updated graphics and gameplay enhancements.
  8. Cobblestone Remake: A revamped Cobblestone map with updated graphics and gameplay changes.
  9. Train Remake: An updated Train map with improved graphics and gameplay elements.
  10. Vertigo Remake: A remake of the Vertigo map with updated graphics and gameplay mechanics.


In summary, while CS2 doesn’t have a built-in workshop for custom maps like its predecessor, CS: GO, you can still enjoy custom maps by manually downloading them from other sources. Follow the steps outlined in this guide to play workshop maps in CS2 and explore the vast world of user-created content.

For the latest CS2 updates and community discussions, be sure to stay connected on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and various gaming forums. With these resources, you can access a wide variety of custom maps, ensuring that your CS2 gaming experience remains fresh and exciting.