For over 15 years, Super Mario 64 DS has captivated gamers young and old with its vivid 3D worlds and addictive platforming action. When it launched in 2004 as an enhanced Nintendo DS port of the beloved Nintendo 64 classic Super Mario 64, Nintendo added new playable characters, minigames, and touchscreen functionality to create a definitive version of Mario’s first foray into 3D platforming. With enhanced visuals and gameplay for a handheld experience, Super Mario 64 DS brings all the original’s magic to a new generation while also introducing new features for newcomers and longtime Mario fans.

Whether you’ve played through the adventure dozens of times or are just now discovering Princess Peach’s castle for the first time, Super Mario 64 DS delivers an essential platforming experience overflowing with wonder and challenge. Join Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi to collect power stars, unlock secrets, defeat Bowser, and save the Mushroom Kingdom in one of gaming’s most iconic and enduring titles.


Super Mario 64 DS takes players on a thrilling journey through various courses, each filled with challenges and secrets. Whether you’re a newcomer or revisiting this classic, mastering the game’s mechanics is critical to success.

Super Mario 64 DS

Starting the Game

2.1 Inserting the Game Card

Begin by inserting the Super Mario 64 DS Game Card into the Nintendo DS Game Card slot. Power on the device and touch the screen to continue.

2.2 Navigating the DS Menu

Navigate the Nintendo DS Menu Screen, then touch the Super Mario 64 DS icon to load the game. The adventure begins with a simple tap.

Learning the Controls

3.1 D-pad and Character Movement

The D-pad controls character movement. Familiarize yourself with A for attacks, B for jumping, X for camera control, Y for dashing, LT for turning, and RT for crouching.

3.2 Attacking and Yoshi’s Tongue

Master attacks and Yoshi’s tongue. Pressing B three times executes a triple jump while holding RT, and pressing B results in a backward somersault.

3.3 Jumping and Triple Jump

B is for jumping. Execute a triple jump by pressing B three times consecutively.

3.4 Camera Control and Zoom

Use X to zoom the camera in and out. Get comfortable with the camera to navigate the game smoothly.

3.5 Dashing and Special Moves

Y is for dashing. LT turns the camera to face the player’s back while pressing RT mid-air, resulting in a forward somersault.

Beginning the Adventure

4.1 Introduction and Castle Gate

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The game kicks off with a brief introduction. Head to the main castle gate, find the key icon on your map and use Yoshi’s tongue attack to catch the rabbit for the key.

4.2 Unlocking the Castle

Open the castle gate with the acquired key. The castle serves as the hub for all levels in the game.

Exploring the Levels

5.1 Collecting Stars

Collect stars to open new doorways leading to more levels. Start by entering Bob-omb Battlefield, the first course.

5.2 Opening New Doorways

Turn left and enter doorways without star numbers. Explore each level thoroughly to discover hidden stars and power-ups.

5.3 Entering Bob-omb Battlefield

Initiate your adventure by stepping into the painting to enter the Bob-omb Battlefield.

Completing the Courses

6.1 Various Courses Overview

Super Mario 64 DS boasts multiple courses, each with unique challenges. From Bob-omb Battlefield to Rainbow Ride, conquer them all.

6.2 Course Challenges and Secrets

Each course presents challenges and secrets. Delve into the game’s intricacies to overcome obstacles and unlock hidden treasures.

Multiplayer Mode

7.1 Accessing Versus Mode

Tap the “Versus Mode” sign at the bottom left of the screen to access multiplayer mode.

7.2 Making the Most of Multiplayer

Explore the multiplayer mode for added excitement and competition among friends.

Alternative Controls

8.1 Nintendo 3DS Version

If Nintendo 3DS controls prove challenging, try touchscreen movement for a more analog stick experience.

8.2 Wii U Virtual Console

Consider playing the original Super Mario 64 on the Wii U Virtual Console for improved controls and graphics.

Tips and Tricks

9.1 Mastering Controls

For seamless gameplay, get comfortable with controls such as the D-pad, A, B, X, Y, LT, and RT.

9.2 Thorough Exploration

Explore each level thoroughly to uncover hidden stars and power-ups.

9.3 Strategic Use of Power-ups

Strategically use power-ups like the Power Flower to access hidden areas and overcome obstacles.

9.4 Unlocking Characters

Complete objectives to unlock characters with unique abilities—Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, and Wario.

9.5 Maximizing Multiplayer Mode

Enhance your gaming experience by tapping into the multiplayer mode’s excitement.

9.6 Discovering Cheats and Secrets

Uncover cheats and secrets for fun, like gaining 99 lives or unlocking hidden minigames.


Mastering Super Mario 64 DS is a rewarding journey. These tips and tricks will enhance your gameplay, and thoroughly enjoy this classic Nintendo DS adventure.