Get ready for intense cooperative action with firefighters in Halo Infinite. This beloved wave-based survival mode pits you and up to 3 friends against endless waves of Banished forces. Fight to survive as long as possible across a variety of custom community-made maps and official firefight variants. With the ability to customize difficulty and rules, Firefight Halo Infinite offers new challenges to test your skills. Between defendable hills, respawning lives, and chaotic battles, Firefight Halo Infinite retains the adrenaline-fueled fun Halo is known for.

Whether you’re a veteran looking to relive a classic firefight or brand new to the mode, this guide will teach you everything you need to know to jump into the fray. Read on to learn how to access Firefight, top strategies for success, and the most exciting maps and modes created by the Halo community.

Accessing Firefight Mode

To begin your Firefight adventure, follow these simple steps:

Select Custom Game

From the main menu of Halo Infinite, choose the “Custom Game” option. This will serve as your gateway to Firefight.

Use Customs Browser

Once in the custom game menu, navigate to the “Customs Browser.” This is where you’ll access the matchmaking list, which includes community-made Firefight maps and modes.

Choose Your Mode

In the Customs Browser, you can find a variety of Firefight maps and modes created by the community. Select the one that piques your interest, or proceed to official Firefight modes in the Seasonal Challenges menu.

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Firefight Gameplay

Now that you’ve chosen your Firefight map or mode, it’s time to delve into the gameplay. Firefight’s objective is simple: survive against waves of enemies for as long as possible. You have the option to play alone or team up with up to three other players. The number of lives you have depends on the specific map and mode you’ve selected.

Earning XP

Playing Firefight in custom games is not just about having fun; it can also help you level up your Battle Pass. Yes, you can earn XP while enjoying the action-packed battles in Halo Infinite. So, it’s a win-win situation!

Community-Made Firefight Maps

The Halo Infinite community is known for its creativity, and Firefight is no exception. There are numerous community-made Firefight maps that you can explore. These maps offer unique challenges and exciting gameplay experiences. Keep an eye out for recommendations and showcases in YouTube videos for the best community-created Firefight content.

New Features in Halo Infinite’s Firefight

Halo Infinite introduces a revamped version of Firefight with some exciting features. This time around, players must capture and defend hills against waves of enemies. The objective is to secure and defend five hills from the Banished forces. Unlike previous iterations, this mode includes a King of the Hill objective, adding a new layer of strategy to the gameplay.

Customization and Difficulty Levels

One of the great features of Firefight in Halo Infinite is the ability to customize your experience. Before heading into battle, you can choose the game mode’s difficulty level. This setting determines various aspects, including enemy health, numbers, AI behavior, and each player’s starting loadout options for weapons and equipment.

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Respawn System

In Firefight, if any Spartans fall in battle, they won’t be out of the action for long. They’ll respawn from a pool of lives after a short amount of time. However, once all lives are used up, players remain dead until the end of the wave, at which point they will respawn or when all players are eliminated.

Creating Custom Firefight Lobbies

While there might not be an official public playlist for Firefight at the moment, players have the option to create custom lobbies using the Forge mode. This allows you to tailor your Firefight experience to your liking. Simply navigate to the Custom Game browser, select a compatible map, choose the corresponding Firefight game mode, and set your lobby as “open” if you want to play with others. Alternatively, you can join an existing firefight match via the Customs Browser.

The Best Firefight Maps and Modes

While there is no official information on different Firefight modes in Halo Infinite, the community has created a plethora of exciting maps and modes. Some of the standout maps include “Lone Wolf,” “Zeta Ark,” and “Outskirts.” Leaks have suggested that players will soon be able to create custom waves and maps using Forge mode placements and scripts. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to add AI spawns to other multiplayer modes.

Choosing the Right Weapons

The effectiveness of your weapons in Firefight mode largely depends on the situation and the types of enemies you’re facing. Here are some top weapon choices that are generally considered effective:

Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher is a powerhouse, capable of taking out multiple enemies simultaneously. It’s particularly effective against bosses and vehicles.

Energy Sword

For close-quarters combat, the Energy Sword is your go-to weapon. It can eliminate most enemies with a single swing and is especially useful against Elites and high-level foes.

Sniper Rifle

When you need to engage enemies from a distance, the Sniper Rifle is your best friend. It excels at picking off enemies that are hard to reach or hiding behind cover.

Plasma Pistol

The Plasma Pistol is a versatile tool for taking out shields and stunning enemies. It becomes even more potent when paired with a headshot-capable weapon.


The Needler is a homing weapon that can track and deal significant damage to enemies. It’s particularly effective against groups of foes.

Remember that weapon effectiveness can vary depending on the difficulty level and the enemy types you encounter. Keep an eye out for power weapons and equipment that may spawn during Firefight matches, as they can provide a significant advantage.


Playing Firefight in Halo Infinite is a thrilling experience that offers a unique blend of cooperative gameplay and intense action. Whether you’re taking on waves of AI-controlled foes solo or teaming up with friends, the challenge and excitement are always present. The combination of customization options, community-made content, and the thrill of battle make Firefight a must-try mode for all Halo Infinite enthusiasts.