For League of Legends fans eager to be the first to try out new Teamfight Tactics content, learning how to play TFT PBE is an exciting endeavor. The Public Beta Environment (PBE) offers the chance to experience TFT set updates, new champions, traits, items, and arenas before they hit the live servers. Accessing the PBE does require jumping through a few hoops like creating an account and downloading a separate client. However, the payoff is getting early hands-on time with upcoming TFT features and having the opportunity to provide valuable feedback during the testing phase.

This guide will walk you step-by-step through how to play TFT PBE, from signing up to logging in to understanding the key differences between the PBE and regular TFT. Whether you’re a competitive player thirsty for the latest meta or just a casual fan seeing what’s on the horizon, learning how to play TFT PBE can be immensely fun and rewarding. So let’s dive in!

Creating a PBE Account

The first step to playing TFT PBE is to create a PBE account. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the PBE Signup Website: Navigate to the PBE signup website (you can find the link on the League of Legends website). You’ll need to log in with your regular League of Legends account credentials.
  2. Check Your Eligibility: If you have reached at least Honor level three, you’ll see an orange button that says, “Check my Eligibility.” Click it to determine if you meet the requirements to access the PBE. If you do, you’ll be ready to proceed.
  3. Download the PBE Client: Once you’re eligible, you can download the PBE client directly from the PBE signup website. The client is necessary to access the TFT PBE server.

Logging in and Playing

After you’ve successfully downloaded the PBE client, the next step is to log in and start playing TFT as you normally would. It’s important to note that TFT PBE is a testing server, so you may encounter bugs, overpowered compositions, and champions. The purpose of this environment is to identify and address issues before they are rolled out to the main server, so don’t be surprised if you come across some unusual gameplay experiences.

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Key Differences Between PBE and Regular TFT

TFT PBE and the regular TFT experience have some notable distinctions:


  1. Smaller Player Base: PBE typically has fewer players than the main server, making for a different gaming atmosphere.
  2. Longer Queue Times: Due to the smaller player pool, queue times may be longer.
  3. More Bugs and Overpowered Champions: Expect to encounter more bugs and balance issues on the PBE.
  4. Less Competitive: PBE is less competitive than the main server, as players are focused on testing new content rather than climbing ranks.
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Regular TFT:

  1. Larger Player Base: The main server boasts a larger player base, resulting in a more diverse player community.
  2. Shorter Queue Times: With more players, queue times are generally shorter.
  3. Fewer Bugs and Overpowered Champions: The main server has fewer bugs and balance issues.
  4. More Competitive: If you’re looking for a competitive experience, regular TFT is the place to be.

Accessing TFT PBE

TFT PBE is only available on PC, and you must have a PBE account to access it. To summarize:

  1. Visit the PBE signup website.
  2. If you’re Honor level three or higher, check your eligibility.
  3. Download the PBE client.
  4. Log in and start enjoying TFT PBE.

TFT Set 10 – Rumble Remix

TFT enthusiasts have something exciting to look forward to with the upcoming TFT Set 10, also known as Rumble Remix. Riot Games has revealed several new features and changes that players can expect:

  1. New Champions: TFT Set 10 will introduce new champions to the game, offering fresh strategies and synergies to explore.
  2. New Traits: The set will feature new traits, including Heartsteel, which encourages a risky playstyle and requires careful synergy building.
  3. New Mechanics: TFT Set 10 will introduce new mechanics like portals, allowing you to move your units strategically around the board.
  4. New Items: Players can look forward to new items that can be used to enhance and empower their units.
  5. New Arenas: The set will bring new arenas, adding a touch of variety and aesthetics to the game.
  6. New Music: Rumble Remix is centered around a musical theme. Composers have crafted songs that evolve based on the units you combine, creating a unique musical experience as you play.

Testing and Live Release

TFT Set 10 is currently available on the PBE servers for testing purposes. Players have the opportunity to explore, test, and provide feedback on the new content. After approximately two weeks of testing, the set will be released on the main servers for ranked play, offering a fresh and exciting TFT experience to the wider player base.


Playing TFT PBE is an excellent way to get a sneak peek at upcoming content, test new features, and contribute to the game’s development by providing valuable feedback. Remember that TFT PBE is distinct from regular TFT, offering a unique and often unpredictable gaming experience. Whether you’re a competitive player or just looking for some casual fun, TFT has something to offer for everyone.