For Dead by Daylight enthusiasts eager to get a sneak peek at upcoming new chapters and content, learning how to play the Public Test Build (PTB) is an exciting way to access these pre-release additions early. In this guide, we’ll provide a step-by-step walkthrough on how to access the PTB and highlight the many benefits of engaging in this exclusive pre-release experience.

From exploring new characters and mechanics to theory crafting potential new meta builds, participating in the PTB offers DBD players a chance to shape the future of the game. So read on to learn how to play PTB DBD and become one of the first to experience new chapters before they officially launch!


Dead by Daylight enthusiasts eagerly await the release of new chapters, and one exciting way to get a sneak peek at upcoming content is by participating in the Public Test Build (PTB). In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to access the PTB and explore the benefits of engaging in this pre-release experience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Accessing PTB

  1. Open Steam and Navigate to Your Library
  • Launch the Steam application and head to your Library page.
  1. Access Dead by Daylight Properties
  • Right-click on Dead by Daylight in your library.
  • Select Properties from the dropdown menu.
  1. Navigate to the Betas Tab
  • Within the Properties tab, locate and click on the Betas tab.
  1. Select the PTB Version
  • In the Betas tab, open the dropdown menu and choose ‘public-test – External Branch for Public Tests.’
  1. Restart Steam
  • After selecting the PTB version, restart Steam.
  1. Launch Dead by Daylight
  • Once Steam is restarted, launch Dead by Daylight to start playing on the PTB.

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Understanding the Public Test Build (PTB)

  1. Exclusive to Steam Players
  • The PTB is exclusively available for Steam players, providing them with an early look at upcoming features.
  1. Limited Availability
  • The PTB usually opens about three weeks before a new chapter’s release and remains accessible for a short period, typically a week.
  1. No Progress Transfer
  • Progress made on the PTB does not transfer to the live version of the game. It serves as a testing ground for new elements.
  1. Preview of the Latest Patch
  • The PTB acts as a preview of the latest patch, showcasing a new killer-survivor pair available for testing and theory-crafting.
  1. Separate Save Game State
  • A separate save game state is created about a week before the release, ensuring the PTB experience doesn’t impact the player’s main save game.
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Benefits of Participating in PTB

  1. Early Access to New Content
  • PTB participants enjoy early access to the latest patch, exploring new killer-survivor pairs before the content reaches the main game.
  1. Testing New Features
  • Developers use the PTB to test and gather community feedback on significant changes, allowing players to identify and report bugs or balance issues.
  1. Theorycrafting Opportunities
  • PTB enables players to test new mechanics and characters, giving them a strategic advantage when the content is introduced to the main game.
  1. Community Feedback
  • Players actively participating in the PTB can provide valuable feedback to developers, contributing to a better overall gaming experience for everyone.


Playing the Public Test Build in Dead by Daylight provides a unique and advantageous experience for players. From early access to new content and testing features to theory-crafting and contributing to community feedback, engaging in the PTB offers a glimpse into the game’s future. So, gear up, dive into the PTB, and be part of shaping the Dead by Daylight gaming community.